All the programs in each age group will provide activities in social, emotional, intellectual, and physical areas.  Daily the teachers will alternate stimulating, free moving activities with quiet times.  Outside time will be scheduled daily, weather permitting.  In the winter time they will only go outside if it is 20 degrees or more, and for a limited time period in extreme cold or heat.


Infants need a lot of individual attention.  Each child is at their own stage of learning.  The teachers will work with the children giving them tummy time, practice sitting up, rolling over, pulling themselves up, standing, and walking.  The teachers will also spend time singing, reading and listening to a variety of music with the children.  The teachers use a variety of visual stimulation such as mobiles, room decorations, and other brightly colored objects.


Most toddlers are ready to be cared for on a group basis.  They are learning to wait their turn and walk around the building with their little group of friends.  When they are eating, sleeping or playing, everything will be done or accomplished as an individual within a group.  The toddler teachers will alternate activities to stimulate the child’s interest.  They will be encouraged to make their own choices and to clean up after themselves.

Toddlers will move to music, listen to stories, and use a wide variety of creative materials: crayons, markers, paint, glue, and play-doh.  They will learn to sit at the table and feed themselves, to say “please and thank you”, to wash their hands, to choose play items, clean up and to share.

Readiness for toilet training is developmental and varies with each child.  A child must have both muscle control and enough language skills to tell the teacher that they need to go.  When you feel your child is ready to begin toilet training please talk to the toddler teachers and they will begin working with the child on potty training.  The teachers make individual sticker charts to encourage progress.


The preschool teachers will alternate busy and quiet times to increase the child’s attention span and to help the child to be a good listener for longer periods of time.  It’s easier for a preschool child to sit and listen after a busy activity.  The teacher’s do monthly lesson plans which include Christian teachings, learning activities, cooking projects, art, music, games and socialization activities.  Each day the children will have a free choice time to choose whatever area they want to explore.  The children will learn to treat all materials with respect and keep their classroom and the center attractive.  Lesson plans will be available on the sign in table for any parents who wish to have a copy.  A daily schedule of activities and times will be posted in each area.


This is a paid preschool program to teach Kindergarten readiness.  There is a separate fee for this program and your child must be signed up by the parent(s) before attending. This program runs from Sept. – May.

Darcy Schultz a Licensed Teacher/Assistant Director teaches our preschool program.  We have two groups of preschool classes.  The 3 year old class meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for 2 ½ hours each, and the 4 &5 year olds meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings for 2 ½ hours each.

Monthly calendars/lesson plans are sent home with the children so that the parents can see what the children are learning about.   The preschool program focuses on getting your child ready for Kindergarten.  Lesson plans will focus on 1 letter of the alphabet and a different theme each week.  We also focus on numbers, shapes, colors, letter recognition, tracing, early writing skills, gross and fine motor skills, socialization, cooking, art, music, calendar time and storytime.

Fees for the Preschool Program are as follows:

        3’s      Tues. & Thurs -$75

        4 & 5’s Mon. Wed. Fri - $90

Payments are due by the 10th of each month.


Current Openings

We currently have openings in the following age groups:

Toddler and School age.

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We Offer:

Offering breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.  

We also offer Christian curriculum including activities and learning experiences in: language, math, dramatic play, science, social skills, gross and fine motor skills, art, music, reading, and pre-writing skills.

All activities will be adjusted to the social and cognitive development of each individual child.